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Militaria valuations

Militaria valuations

How are ww2buyer Militaria valuations made?

ww2buyer, a division of Arundel Antiques Market, aims to offer accurate Militaria valuations in order to verify the value or the authenticity of an item. Our online appraisals service allows users to enter a description of their militaria or war relic and upload a few images using a form on the site. Then, we send you back written Militaria valuations, not authentications, which include a full description of your item and the procedure used to estimate its current value.

Which types of appraisal services we offer?

Our experts from ww2buyer, placed in Arundel, make militaria valuations through two procedure:

FREE Militaria valuations are done online and does not include any legalized, signed and hardcopy documents.
1. Some items may require to be inspected in “real”, otherwise we might not be able to give you an appraisal estimate.
2. We reserve our right to refuse to give an appraisal, whenever found appropriate, according to the site’s internal regulations.
3. Items without picture will not be reviewed!
4. We cannot be held responsible for any of the appraisal services provided or any appraisal estimate, which may later be found to be incorrect!

PREPAID Militaria valuations provide you with original legalized, signed and hardcopy documents sent to you by registered mail.
- You will be asked to fill all necessary details in a form.
- Your request will be reviewed within 48 hours and you will first receive by e-mail a free online appraisal, including the estimate you will have to pay for a hardcopy legalized and signed appraisal document.
- This free message will also include a link to an online payment form, where you can pay for the above document.
- Upon payment confirmation, all hardcopy documents will be sent to you via registered airmail worldwide. Usually this may take up to 15 days.

Find out the value of your item with our Militaria valuations!

ww2buyer services are designed to give you an expert’s opinion regarding the value of a collection and which items in the collection are the highlights. With experts in virtually every category, you will get fast and accurate item Militaria valuations.

Call today or email some group images of you collection and receive a deal that you will like!


Militaria prices

Militaria prices

Are you looking to get better militaria prices when selling any WW2 artifacts ?

If so you need look no further! Even if you might have just started your research or, however, have spent quite a bit of time visiting different antiques, collecting and appraisal websites, ww2buyer.com will offer you the best militaria prices.

We are specialized in the buying of both individual war souvenirs and collections at all levels. We are dedicated, professional, store based retailers. Most of our business income is derived from servicing and established clientele of “high end” collectors, museums and ethical investment groups.

Some advice on getting the best militaria prices

1. Quality is very important. Just because something is old doesn’t necessarily make it valuable. The better its condition, the more it’s worth.
2. No matter what information you find regarding the value of your antique or collectible, it’s only worth as much as someone is willing to pay you for it! Just because a price guide says your antic is worth $1000, if no one will give you that much, then it’s not.

That’s why we suggest you to trust in ww2buyer, placed in Arundel (South of England). Here you will receive the trade prices you have reached without dealing with one hundred emails from a dozen virtual dealers.

Why choose militaria prices of ww2buyer?

- Free of charge Consultation and Valuation service.
- We buy all foreign and domestic military items offering clients confidentiality.
- We work with hundreds of investors and collectors worldwide so you will receive a better return price for your items.
- Retailers such as ourselves are more likely to pay you higher prices. for your Militaria, as items don’t have to pass through several sets of hands before being sold.
- We make it simple for you to turn your items into cash fast.

Take the initiative and contact us at ww2buyer.com. You have nothing to lose, just lots to gain!