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How trade works

Whether you are buying or selling war arms and antiques, you will find it advantageous when negotiating with dealers to understand how things work.

One observation of the Antiques marketplace, is the gulf between what the consumer expects from an Antiques dealer, and what the average Antiques dealer believes he should provide for the consumer. These differences are based on trust. The consumers hope they can trust the Antiques dealer to give them an honest appraisal and pay a fair price. The average dealer feels it is right to pay the lowest price he can for his stock, to maximize his profit, and that it is up to the consumer to have done their homework.

Fortunately, by finding our website, WW2buyer.com, you will be on a much better footing when negotiating with war Antiques dealers.

Militaria: A sound investment to be considered?

Experienced traders and collectors understand that military ”memorabilia” has proven to be a great hedge against inflation. Investors who may have started collecting just for the thrill of it frequently realise a generous return when they come to sell.

In WW2buyer.com, who is the acquisitions website for The Militaria Market situated beside Arundel castle in West Sussexwe believe that an item or a collection will enhance our display so we will pay you accordingly. However, we are not always looking for a quick return on our invested money, ours is a lifelong project.

What makes militaria dealers like WW2buyer different?

Unlike auctioneers and web based dealers, we are not just wholesalers or middlemen. We host a wide range of fascinating historic items which are offered for sale from our large museum themed showrooms. It’s a permanent military exhibition one which is enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year.

Come and browse in the museum like atmosphere, speak to the experts and trade in your collecting sphere. There is always room for more dealers so if you are interested in getting on board please contact us here!


militaria auctioneers

Militaria auctioneers

Militaria auctioneers are not always the best choice

While auctions are the best way to find out exactly what the market is willing to pay for your historic war souvenirs, there really is no guarantee your objects will sell successfully at auction.  So if you are looking for militaria auctioneers, definitely weigh up the pros and cons of this path carefully because maybe it’s better to contact a professional collector in order to achive the the price your war relics are worth.

Importance of comparing and choosing well

Research and detailed cataloguing are particularly important with WW2 actifacts as the story surrounding them is often the most important factor in achieving the best possible price.

Before the Internet, finding militaria collectors was a quite difficult task. Cyberspace has changed that, and now selling our militaria items is easier than it has ever been. Despite of this, the selling of edged weapons and WW2 German memorabilia has been banned from Ebay, one of the major internet militaria auctioneers sites. That’s why ww2buyer.com, focus solely on the buying of World War Militaria, has been born in Sussex where one of the biggest Second World War military antiques’ store is placed.

How ww2buyer works

We provide an ethical option to those wishing to sell patches and other Nazi militaria avoiding militaria auctioneers path.
Auctioneers will grab an outrageous slice of the pie from both seller and buyer: By opting to sell directly to dedicated professionals as ww2buyer.com you have absolute control over the price that you accept. Indeed, access to the internet is provided for vendors in our store so true market values can be easily established.

Our payment policy is straightforward sellers receive pre payment via “Paypal”, so you receive immediate payment for your items in full. Any duty on goods arriving from outside the Country such as shipping will be covered by ww2buyer.com.

Collectors who reject the increases in militaria auctioneers commission rates come to us to enjoy the confidential disposal their collections.

So if you’re looking to sell military collectibles, email us now for a cash offer/free valuation or some additional information.enquiries@ww2buyer.com!